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Greeting Thanks to advances in industrial science and distribution of agricultural and marine products and processed goods, as well as an increase in food imports, it is possible to get the food ingredients you want at any time throughout the year. Diversifying household organization and lifestyles have made food more convenient for the individual, but at the same time new problems have arisen, such as lifestyle diseases caused by unbalanced nutrition and the rapid decrease in families eating together. Our company focuses on the prevention of lifestyle diseases by providing nutritional food and family-oriented service to those in medical care and welfare facilities.

Representative Director Hiroshi Tanigawa


Company name Food of Life HIRO
Location 9-22 Sakuraba 1-cho, Nagasaki, 850-0015
TEL 095-816-0521
FAX 095-820-9679
Established December 1, 2004
Representative Director Hiroshi Tanigawa
Qualifications Management Nutritionist, Nutritionist, Chief Chef
Business content Contract catering business health care, welfare
Business partner Hospitals and clinics (Fukuoka) nursing homes (Nagasaki Prefecture) (prefecture)
Correctional facilities, nursing homes with nursing people with intellectual disabilities (prefecture) (prefecture)Long-Term Care Health Facility (prefecture)



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